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Cough and cold


Diarrhea and constipation

Eczema and rashes

Abdominal pain and vomiting


Pink eye and eye irritation

*We do NOT currently treat ear infections and strep throat, two common conditions that currently require in-person consultation for diagnosis. Doctors will help assess severity and provide guidance on what to do next, but they cannot treat these issues remotely. K for Parents also does not treat COVID-19 within kids at this time.

Amazing pediatricians are great. Not having to wait for them is even better. 

Why stress out for hours, trek to a doctor or deal with an expensive urgent care bull when you can get the care you need for almost any issue right now at home? See more of what we treat in our medical policies


How does K for Parents work?

  • Create an account and purchase a visit. Then, download the K Health app for free, available on iOS or Android
  • Enter your child’s symptoms to find out what’s wrong based on data from thousands of doctors and millions of children with similar symptoms. This will provide you with answers going into the visit and help the doctor get up to speed quickly.
  • After viewing the most likely results, click the button “Chat with a Doctor”
  • Enter additional information like your State and verify your identity, then you’ll be connected to a physician within minutes
  • You’ll get a text message and in-app notification when the doctor is ready to chat

We heard from you that getting your child to sit still during visits is quite an ordeal. For your convenience, our visits are mostly text-based, though when a doctor needs to see something in more depth you may be asked to join a quick video chat (for 10 to 30 seconds) or to submit photos or a short video.

How can K for Parents help me and my family?

K for Parents doctors provide guidance, reassurance, and clarity for parents facing common childhood health issues. For most conditions, doctors can diagnose and provide a treatment plan, including prescriptions, if needed. If the doctors cannot effectively diagnose virtually, they’ll provide a referral and treatment recommendation to follow until you see the referring provider.

When are the doctors available?

The doctors’ working hours are currently 9am-9pm EST for K for Parents, though we are quickly expanding to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are seeking care after hours, we’ll get you set up and in the queue for a doctor to reach out once working hours resume.

Our free symptom checker is available at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All our doctors are board-certified and have extensive experience treating children. Our doctors are trained how to integrate the excellent content from the K app into their conversations with patients and families. In addition, our doctors are part of a collaborative, rigorous process to identify and adopt the highest standards of clinical care.

Who are the doctors and how are they vetted?

How much does K for Parents cost?

  • Talking to the K Health app about your child’s symptoms is always free!
  • Chatting with a doctor about your child is included for free with a Primary Care Membership ($9/month). Or, purchase a one-time visit for $19.

Talking to a doctor with K Health is the same affordable price, with or without insurance.

K for Parents is for parents with kids ages 3-17. The parent must answer questions on behalf of the child. When a child turns 18, they should create an account with K Health to use independently.

What ages are covered by K For Parents?

Can K for Parents be used by someone who is not the child’s parent?

The K Health app and chats with a doctor can only be administered by the legal guardian of the child. For example, a grandmother of a child would only be able to use K Health for the child if she is the legal guardian. Please note we do require legal documentation to prove an adult is the legal guardian. Additionally, we do not treat emancipated minors.

What if I have a question about my child, but they aren't with me?

You must be near your child for all interactions with K for Parents in order to get accurate results and the right treatment. At the start of a doctor chat, we may require you to submit a photo of your child. At times, you may be asked to do things like observe if their nose is runny or stuffy, assess their general comfort level, take their temperature, pinch their skin, or describe a rash with prompting.

What states are currently available to talk to a doctor about kids?

Talking to the K Health app about your child is available in all states, however connecting with a doctor is currently limited to California, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, New York. Doctor conversations are available in all states within the continental US for those over the age of 18.

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$19/visit or $9/month for ongoing care

Patients are typically connected to a physician in under 60 minutes. While you wait, the doctor will be reviewing your answers to our symptom checker.

How quickly will I be connected to a doctor?

Top certified pediatricians available in minutes

-No appointments or insurance needed

-Talk to a doctor in just 15 minutes

-Just $19 for a visit or FREE unlimited care for kids with your membership ($9/month)

Replace “what ifs” with “what to do next”

Free access to doctors (for a limited time)

Doctors available in minutes

Get care from your couch

Health answers you can trust

Free access to doctors (for a limited time)

Doctors available in minutes

Get care from your couch

Health answers you can trust

We're different than traditional "telemedicine". Here's how.

Ongoing Pediatric care is FREE for K Everyday members.

In just a few taps, get connected to the medical answers you can trust 24/7 with K's proprietary technology. Then, parents can connect with doctors on call (from 9am-9pm EST) to get full service care, all on their phone. 

We're here to help in moments of need — and everyday — so you don't have to think twice about getting care. Become a member for just $9/mo for unlimited, ongoing primary care for you and you children (ages 3+). 

Access the right answers and best doctors—right away

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 Dr. Chelsea Johnson, pediatrician of 20+ years, explains how K for Parents works.

Having a sick child is so scary. You just want to get back to normal. K for Parents is here for you.

We’re always open, always in your pocket, and always affordable with or without insurance.

Meet some of the providers behind K for Parents

Dr. Shafran is a leading pediatrics physician. He joins K Health from the Cleveland Clinic, where he led a pediatrics practice and completed a fellowship in transplant ethics. He has completed multiple fellowships, including in pediatric nephrology at Rainbow, Babies & Children’s University Hospitals. He received his medical degree from the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv and completed his medical residency at the Jacobi Medical Center.

David Shafran, MD

Head of Pediatrics

David Shafran, MD

Head of Pediatrics

Dr. Johnson is a seasoned pediatric medical executive with 20 years clinical experience in pediatric emergency and urgent care academic medicine. She completed medical training at Children’s Mercy Hospital, one of America’s best children’s hospitals. Dr. Johnson has a degree in Human Biology from Chadron State College and an MD from University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Chelsea Johnson, MD, FAAP

Associate Lead of Pediatrics

Associate Lead of Pediatrics

Chelsea Johnson, MD, FAAP

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"My daughter was diagnosed wrong at an urgent care. After five days of stomach issues I had her try K Health. It diagnosed her with a bladder infection, after a trip to the ER she is now on antibiotics with...yup a bladder infection. It has been right as I have used it on myself also."

Sondra R.

"I got this app cause my son doesn’t have insurance yet. He recently started feeling bad I put his symptoms in because I’m a worried first time mom and it helps ease my anxiety. I’m so glad I downloaded this app and seriously I highly recommend this app. It saves money and a not needed doctor visit."

Parker G.

"I am very grateful for this app. It costs way less than any telemedicine app out there. The doctor that thought of this is a genius! It’s easy to use, saves time, and saves you a lot of money. Best of all, K Health has great customer service."

Dennis D.

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  • Connect with a doctor for one-time treatment for your child (ages 3+)
  • Follow ups for 3 days
  • Prescriptions and labs as needed

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  • Connect to doctors any day for ongoing Primary Care for you and your children (ages 3+) 
  • Prescriptions and labs as needed
  • Save up to 80% on prescriptions

Experience the fastest and most affordable treatment for you and your children thanks to our artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced technology.

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